Thursday, January 15, 2009

YaaYYY Me!!!!!!!!

Im sure this will be of no significance to you...but i dont care. Reiterating the fact that im new to the blog world(duh...this is only like my 3 post) im so proud of myself. I knew nothing about posting entries, adding images, editing html took me damn near the whole day to get my page layout working, and adding picture within my entries and all that good stuff. But i finally got it. I momentarily considered asking one of my fellow bloggers for thier assistance but i doubted anyone would have the patience to assist me. So i was determined to figure it out on my own. I only use the computer to bullshit on like myspace and send im's...i know nothing of microsoft word, or photobucket, or photoshop and all that stuff. But im sure i'll be able to bring myself up to speed in due time. Incremental progress...thats what its all about


n_vizion said...

I love it! Challenges cause us to use those intuitive muscles that we don't need when we remain in the familiar.

Exciting stuff!

Licklemslady said...

yup. i am not a fan of complacency. be sure not to mistake it for stability, there is a difference.