Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Procrastination or and the same

We're burdned by good intentions. Perpetually plagued by " TO DO" lists in our heads. In my case (due to my "S" type personality i gravitate to structure and/ or stability) im usually a step ahead of some, being that i'm well aware of my priorities and how i should best spend my time. Some of us have yet to invest time to sorting out whats important to us. However, we're all human and often fall short of those good intentions from time to time. We tend to give ourselves a way out as if we have all the time in the world. But do we understand why? In situations as such, its imperative for one to find out the origin of these character flaws, instead of jumping into an action plan to try to fix the problem. Understanding why rewards us a better chance of not duplicating the mistake. Or at the least figuring out who we are... and accepting ourselves flaws and all.

Sorting through our feeling by
interrogating ourselves helps us to get to the root of the problem. "Am i really that lazy? Why is it that i never just hop to it and get it over with? Even when there's a designated amount of time to complete a task... why is it that i never start immediately? Instead i neglect it till the last minute." Some of us even take it a step further and reinforce this bad habit by praising ourselves for working well under "self inflicted pressure"( which is not the same as pressure of normal circumstances). As if we're less talented when we work consistently to meet a deadline. Is that true for the majority of us? Do our work turn out better when we work harder and faster in a shorter period of time? Is there any time that we do work consistently and yield our best results?" Yes actually, but for some it takes having an audience, knowing that our actions are monitored. How often are we accountable to ourselves and keep our word. What's our work ethic like when no one's looking? And we wonder why we're always dissappointed with ourselves when we merit another's person's approval of us over our own. Our self approval should have precedence over others. We should hold ourselves to higher standards, but we fail to do so.

So how do we channel our inner "Go Getter" and be our own catalyst? Whether its the things that are more important to us ( the long term goals or the bigger picture) or its something we're just obligated to do (but not so enthused about ),the solution is the same for both. Make it a HABIT. To quote the NFL hall of famer Vince Lombardi "Winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing". When something is a habit its normal and natural for us to do.A habit is not biased and can be both harmful and beneficial. Do anything long enough and it's a habit. So the key is winning one battle at a time and acting now. Make it a habit of starting immediately. Work on a goal IMMEDIATELY. When did step one become putting it on a list...especially if time permits you to start RIGHT NOW? Step one should be step one. Writing down our goals is intended to be a reminder when we're distracted and loose site of what we're working for. The sequence from thought to action should become seamless...once we make it a habit. So for those of us out there with new years resoulutions ( whatever they may be) KNOW WHY your doing it, create NEW HABITS in place of old ones, and act IMMEDIATELY on step one. Once we're on our way...hold yourself to your own standards not some one else's. You have a better chance of success when you define what success is to you.

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