Thursday, January 15, 2009

What matters to you...

So caught up with superficial interests that i feel like we're dumbing ourselves down. Never have i been( and most likely you too) so impressed or infatuated by people that are famous for reasons that couldn't be less impressive. So to counteract the negative effects that were a result of overloading on "pop culture" i've been on a self improvement course. As teenagers we go through this metamorphosis where we barter some of who we are in exchange to "fit in" if we stand out, be more sociable if we're a loner, and get noticed if we're more reserved. I failed at those efforts also by they way ( became the fly girl in school, at all the parties that were "poppin", was down with the who's who ) till i realized that wasnt really me. It landed me back at square one with only two friends remaining. Contrary to the fact that the number two is so minimal, its more than plenty for me. Besides who in the world has time to nurture that many meaningful relationships besides the ones we're obligated to work on (parents, siblings, significant other).

Now there's a million things under the sun that i'd like to do and learn and get better at. Study world history, Religion complete reading the bible from cover to cover, paymore attention to politics and learn how our government really works (prior to the Obama campaign i paid no attention to politics...completely avoided it), write for a newspaper or magazine, learn to sew and make my own clothes the way my mom used to do for me as a baby, take a tax prep course or accounting course, get my Securities License( no not like Top Flight security lol more like investing). The list goes on and on. I only need to start with one...and cross them off as i go along. The ones i touched on...start on those atleast. Once i start i can give myself a deadline to finish those and work on others. Sounds simple enough... right?

As i venture out with this blogging thing im opening myself up to the world, spending time with strangers. I cant help but well does my family know me? How much time have i invested in them? So its definately a priority to work on that and finally address issues we've swept under the the rug or simply surpressed. As i reflect on the lack of friends being a blessing in disguise it rewards me with the opportunity to get closer with my family. Certain movies drives the point home of how important my family is to me. The most recent one being Seven Pounds starring Will Smith (if your into tear jerking type dramas u should definately go see). So to jump start the effort i decided to write them each a Love Letter. Saying all the things TODAY that i would only admit maybe on my or their dying day. What good would it be then right? My point exactly. So that one should be at the top of my to do list. Done with a sense of urgency. People on that list are my parents, my four siblings, my godmother who raised me, and my granny Rita...i dont speak to my grandmother on my mother's side at all( whole other blog entry). Im so eager to find new friendships and meet new people, my soul yearns to socialize; so why not spend some quality time getting to know my family. I really need to act on these things immediately so that they dont remain just good intentions. At the end of the day...this is what really matters to me.

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i would enjoy your blog a bit better if the colours weren't so bright. they're way to bright to read!